GWD Symposium: Groundwater and the Drought

Date: Friday, 2 November 2018
Time: 09h00 – 15h00
Venue: Life Sciences Building, University of the Western Cape Cost: R500, Students R50


The current drought has left immense stresses on our water resources in various parts of our country, and especially in the Western, Eastern- and Northern Cape. As a result, we saw an accelerated development of groundwater resources. But do we really know what the impact of the ongoing drought has been on our groundwater resources? What data – if any – do we have to quantify this impact? In addition, we are gathering some new or additional data and information on our local groundwater resources as a result of intensive drilling and resource assessment and development projects.

Therefore, the symposium will consist of two (2) main sessions (after keynote speakers):

Do you have any time series data that depicts the impact of the current drought on groundwater resources? Real, number crunching evidence? Then you are invited to come and share it.

Based on recent/current results (i.e. geophysical investigations, drilling logs, groundwater properties), what new knowledge about groundwater systems in the provinces are we adding and what historical information has been confirmed/rebutted?

A short open discussion will conclude the day, tackling the term “sustainability”.

TIPS: Please come and share NEW knowledge and sound data series, not just speculation, or arguments with no data to verify it!

You are encouraged to come and present, but if you just want to come and bask in brilliant presentations and get a handle of groundwater data in the Western Cape, sign up right now on the website,

You are therefore invited to submit a half-page or one-slide abstract of your knowledge you are bursting to share with us by 15 October 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration and submission of abstracts will be facilitated by the GWD secretariat.