Sponsorship Scheme

Many hydrogeologists and those working in groundwater-related fields would like to join IAH and would benefit from membership but are prevented by economic or practical reasons. For some, this might be because our membership fee is high in relation to their income; others encounter problems of access to convertible currency or payment facilities.

To help such individuals, and to work towards our mission and goals, IAH operates a sponsorship scheme.

IAH is happy to receive nominations for candidates who would benefit from sponsored membership. They hold a central fund in the UK to enable such support and allocate a proportion of our fee income to this each year.

Over 250 hydrogeologists around the world are being sponsored.

Sponsor now

Nominating/paying for someone you know that would benefit from the scheme.

IAH sponsorship is one of the charitable activities that the association does. The sponsorship is designed to help those who would benefit from membership but are not currently able to fund the membership themselves. Part of the aim is that in time, hopefully, as the sponsored members’ careers develop, they will be able to take over membership fees themselves. Sponsored memberships are reviewed periodically, accordingly, but there is no aim to put pressure on anyone.

The nomination process

Nominations can be made via:

  • Direct application from any individual working in the field of hydrogeology, groundwater sciences, engineering, etc;
  • Requests from IAH internationally – its Council, National Chapters, Commissions, Networks, general membership;
  • Requests from other agencies, NGOs, etc;

To help assess eligibility it is normal practice to ask for a copy of the potential candidate’s CV and some brief background information regarding his/her circumstances.  All information received will be treated with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.  Please email the information to Sharon Warden (swarden@iah.org).

IAH also welcomes members to recommend potential candidates.