IAH-SA Newsletter August 2020

Dear All,

Upcoming IAH-SA Workshop 2020 and IAH 2023 Congress bid

It’s been a while since last writing, probably part of the isolation mind set and not a great deal going on in terms of news and networking. I also wanted to wait a bit with writing until we had real news. There are basically two items of news worth conveying.

Firstly, we are going ahead with holding an IAH Workshop this year! Yes, a face to face event (or should I say mask to mask)! The workshop will be run along very similar lines to the successful MAR workshop we ran in April 2019. The event will also be 3 days from Wednesday 11 November to Friday 13 November 2020. It will cover borehole drilling techniques; a site visit to a deep drilling site; an overview of pumping test analysis and then monitoring technologies and data analysis. It will include a number of case studies; including tips & techniques from global and local drilling contractors; and an overview of lessons learnt from the Cape Town drought. The workshop will be accredited with 3 CPD points. There will be some fun events as well. It will be held at STIAS in Stellenbosch. STIAS adheres to strict COVID protocols to ensure the safety of their delegates and staff. So please book those dates and we are soon going to officially launch the event!

Secondly, IAH-SA and GWD are going flat out to submit a bid for the 2023 IAH Congress. We passed preliminary screening and are addressing the items raised by the review committee. South Africa have made the final two, and we up against Switzerland. Our final bid has to be submitted on 28 August (in 2 days’ time). A huge thanks to the IAH 2023 Congress Bid Committee, namely: Matthys Dippenaar; Julian Conrad; Fanus Fourie, Shafick Adams; Kevin Pietersen; Jodie Miller, Jared van Rooyen, Yazeed van Wyk and Deidre Cloete. The bid has involved a lot of planning, in detail, and decision making. Please keep your fingers crossed that we are successful.

That’s it for now, so keep looking out for webinar events (there have been some super informative ones recently and I hope you have enjoyed the GWD-IAH webinars); hopefully you all have kept well in this time; hopefully your work has been sufficient (being in the water sector has been fortunate) and all the best!

Yours sincerely

Julian Conrad
IAH-SA Secretary

Matthys Dippenaar
IAH- SA Chairman